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Search by thesaurus terms

The search by thesaurus terms allows you to browse the library collection by subject.

The Subject index is made up of keywords or terms (known as a thesaurus) established by the library, to help find items by a phrase or expression: for example Medieval Literature or Mammals.

In this search, start by entering one or more terms to search for, for example history. The search results are displayed under a two-section form.

The upper section shows you the corresponding subjects for your search. Clicking on one of the headings in the main section (for example political history) will display more information in the lower section about the selected subject and possible cross-references.

When clicking on one of the entries in the lower section, you will move from one heading to another one.

To select a heading and display the related references, click on the magnifying glass located at the start of the line.

If the magnifying glass is not displayed, no item is related to the subject.

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